Pilates 4 Life!


studio: Eden by Eden Sassoon Pilates

Location: Los Angeles, California

Fitness has been an important part of my life ever since I was a kid. Remember when we had PE and we all had to run the mile? I detested the idea of sweating in front of my classmates but it was at this point I found my love for working out. I was an avid basketball player in high school who came close to playing in college but alas I was too short. (5’6’). When I moved to Los Angeles, I found a new exercise routine that I have been doing for about  7 years now. Good old Pilates.


Pilates for the Mind, Body, and Soul!

I have an extreme love affair with Pilates and the particular studio that I adore is Eden by Eden Sassoon Pilates. In my opinion, it’s the best studio in the city and the workouts are different everyday and trigger different muscles in the body. Especially the core. I have found that for my particular body type, pilates has saved my life and helped me live my best life. This particular pilates studio uses the reformer which is a machine designed to shake up everything. Best workout ever! What are some of your favorite workouts for the New Year?? Please share below!