Getting Juicy with Juicecrafters and the so called “Juice Diet”

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The Juice trend is still going strong as numerous places are opening up in almost every major and minor metropolitan city around the world. My personal favorite spot for juice is Juicecrafters because they have a variety of flavors and combinations that appeal to my palette. I also like the fact that they carry different health bowls in addition to smoothies. They are delicious and refreshing. With all of this being said, I just want to make one thing clear. I am not a fan of the so called “Juice Diet”. I drink juice in addition to my daily meals as I coin it “A Green Bonus” because I love the extra vitamins and energy it provides. I think the Juice Diet is another version of a Yo-Yo Diet where it promotes rapid weight loss quickly but I dont believe it benefits you in the long run and helps you keep the weight off. All in all, my advice is to drink juice for added vitamins and minerals. Where do you guys juice at?

Health & FitnessKyle Kushner