Real Talk: The Truth about Self-Doubt


I could sit here and write all the things that keep me positive and help me stay encouraged creatively but let’s be real for a minute, not everyday is butterflies and rainbows. Today is one of those days. To an outsider, I seem to have all my ducks in a row the truth is, I don’t always feel like I do. Graduated from a good school. Married a great guy. Comes from a great family. I’m left with the question, What else do I want? Where am I going? What’s it all for? And most importantly, Who am I? Asking this question at 33 years old, I often wonder if there are people out there like me who haven’t figured it out yet. Figured out their “calling” or “what’s meant for them” in life. People can argue and say to me “Katie we didn’t have time to think about it we just did” and those same people usually end up in marriages or careers that are unfulfilling and mundane. This isn’t a blog post pointing fingers at anyone. This is a post for people to know that everyday we struggle with trying to find the truth about ourselves. And that is OK. Understanding the struggle and being aware of it, helps us in determining how to overcome it. Climbing that mountain, fighting the good fight. And above all, staying true to what makes us individually beautiful and unique. After all, we all have a voice and something to offer in this amazing world.