High Tides and Good Times-Tulum


Location: Tulum, Mexico

Sun, sand, tequila. Need I say more? Tulum is a beautiful destination, located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Known for its white sandy beaches and old ancient Mayan ruins, it has become one of the top and trendy destinations over the past few years. Tulum has some of the cutest boutique hotels that often cater to yoga fans. One hotel in particular, The Be Tulum Hotel, is right on the beach and offers a hideaway for those looking for a private getaway.

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The Be Tulum Hotel - $754 a night (Boutique Hotel)

Wondertip: If you’re going to Tulum with a bachelorette party or big group, it is much better to stay at an all-inclusive resort or an AirBnB.


Casa Malca is one of the most art-friendly, incredible hotels on the planet. When you arrive, you feel like you’re in some sort of James Bond-themed movie. Fun Fact: It used to be Pablo Escobar’s fun filled mansion! The owner of the hotel now, Lio Malca, is an art curator who has filled the hotel with phenomenal contemporary artwork from around the world. A must see when visiting, even for the day!

Wonder into: Casa Malca| Rating: 5 stars
WonderFact: Kenny Scharf, a renown artist in LA, has a couple murals at Casa Malca. You can view his work in both LA and NYC. Check him out!


Wondering where to stay on a budget? No worries! We got you covered:

Papaya Playa Project - $200 a night| Rating: 3 stars (This place is very unique since it’s in a national park of Tulum. I would recommend this place to people who love to stay at places out of the box or in a treehouse.)

Coco Tulum - $199-$300 a night| Rating: 4 stars