Taking a bite out of The Big Apple


Destination: New York City

Whenever I travel to the Big Apple, my heart jump starts and I always find a new spot in the city to fall in love with. It’s also nice to know that my sister lives there and I have a few friends hiding in Brooklyn too :). My favorite place to stay in NYC is The Ace Hotel. It’s located in Midtown with easy access to all of the pockets in the city. Not to mention, how hip it is. Whenever I walk in that lobby, I find myself lost in what feels like a Martin Scorsese film. The room has the best view of the Empire State Building and they have one of my favorite bars in the city, The Breslin Room.

Wonder into

The Ace Hotel - $200 a night | Rating: 5 stars

Wondering on a budget? You'll wanna stay here:

Nomo Soho - $160 a night | Rating: 5 stars

Moderne- $158 a night | Rating: 4 stars

Opening in 2018:

Sister City - a new boutique hotel operated by the Ace Hotel Group.

Wondering around Brooklyn? No worries! We got you covered:

Wonder into: The Box House Hotel - $229 a night| Rating: 5 stars

Wondering where to stay on a budget? Here you go:

Hotel Indigo - $171 a night| Rating: 4 stars


I like to play tourist in cities that I travel to often because I feel like I learn something new every time. Case and point, The Circle Tour, which in my opinion, gives you the best views of the city without costing you and arm and leg. It’s a boat that takes you to see every borough of Manhattan. Worth every penny.

The Circle Tour - Best of NYC Cruise($42 a ticket)


Last but not least, I love paying a visit to the Grand Central Terminal. I love the architecture of that building and it’s a great place to people watch.