Eco-Fabulous for Earth Month!

3 cheers for April because it's EARTH MONTH! Whether you are planting a garden and getting your hands dirty or simply ditching that harsh detergent, there are many ways in which you can contribute to preserving our great planet. Starting with your household, here are a few simple ways in which you can be more Eco-Friendly!



  1. Hold the H2O!- I am all for drawing a hot bath after a long day but instead of soaking in the tub, go ahead and scrub in the shower! It preserves more water!
  2. Lights Out!- Remember to turn your lights out whenever you leave the house or even room. I know it sounds silly but a little switch goes a long way.
  3. Bag it up!-Paper or Plastic? How about Neither! Bring your own bags to the supermarket and reduce your paper consumption.
  4. Be part of the Glitterati, Not the Litterati!- Littering sucks! Be sure to reduce, reuse, and recycle for a more sustainable environment.
  5. Minimize your meat intake- Eating a lot of meat is not good for you or the environment! Check out the new Beyond Meat Burgers  in your local grocery store. They are plant based burgers that literally taste like regular meat! 
  6. Makeover your Makeup- there are so many amazing brands on the market that are eco-friendly. Check the list here. (They are run by women too!)

Wondertip: My personal favorite Eco-brand right now is Glossier. If you haven't heard of them, jump on board! They sell makeup, hair, and skin care products that are 100% NOT Animal tested and they make some insanely Wonder-ful products like BOY BROW! It's an eye-brow shaper, filler, and fluffer-all in one! And it's only $16! I use mine all the time :)