The Royal Wedding and How to be a Queen in your own Life!

Dress:   Alice + Olivia    Crown: Hand designed by   Amaroq

Dress: Alice + Olivia

Crown: Hand designed by Amaroq

royal wedding 2.jpg

Happy Friday Wonderful Friends! The weekend has finally arrived but it's not just any old weekend, it's THE ROYAL WEDDING weekend :) Everyone is anxiously anticipating what's supposed to be The Wedding of the Year tomorrow! Questions are surfacing in the media wondering, "What designer will Meghan Markle wear? Who is on the guest list?" and so forth. All of this hype around the world is a great reminder for all women: You don't need to have a prince to feel like a princess. My definition of a Princess/ Queen is a strong woman who uses her voice to make a powerful impact on their world and everyday life. A real Princess, in my opinion, isn't afraid to speak her mind. She uses her power in a benevolent manner and helps aids others in time of need. She's a warrior for compassion and fight for what she believes in.  So in honor of this royal wedding fever, let us remind ourselves what's most important: Stay true to yourself and be kind to one another. Dressed up or down, we are all Queens!