Why Hitting the High Note in the Shower is good for your Health!

Singing is one of my favorite activities of all time. I grew up in the musical theater realm and if someone put a mic in front of me, chances are, I would belt out the latest Whitney Houston (or attempt to). Nowadays, most of my singing can be done inside a karaoke bar or even in the shower. I recently discovered that singing in the shower has many benefits to lead to a happier life. Many of us love to sing in the shower, were just afraid to admit it. Heck, some of us turn into Justin Timberlake or even Bruno Mars. Below, I have listed some amazing scientific findings on how singing in the shower can cure those everyday blues!

My favorite shampoo in the shower is   Ever Pure by Loreal!

My favorite shampoo in the shower is Ever Pure by Loreal!

WONDERING: How can singing in the shower improve my lifestyle! Here are some benefits:

  1. It's a great stress reliever- Have you ever noticed when you're done singing in the shower, you're in a better mood? There's a scientific explanation for that. Because you are exercising your lungs, you are taking in more oxygen. Inhaling more oxygen reduces your stress levels as if you are taking big breaths to relax. Singing is helping you calm down.

  2. It can boost your immune system- When we are stressed out, our bodies produce more cortisol which results in breaking down our immune system and getting sick. The more you sing, the less vulnerable you are to fighting outside body invaders.

  3. It can boost your memory- research has found that singing in the shower can improve your memory skills. "Singing enables people with dementia to access memories and joy in times when communication is faltering", according to Sarah Teagle, co-founder of the Forget Me Not Chorus, a charity for dementia sufferers.

  4. It helps make us happier- There is evidence that positive singing experiences promote a greater sense of self-efficacy and self-esteem!