LA's biggest flea market at The Rose Bowl!

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Let me start this article by saying I am a big fan of vintage culture. Whether it’s vintage furniture, vintage fashion, and just about all in between, I like it all. I grew up raiding my grandmother’s closet and trying on all her of outfits, shoes, and especially hats. She was an amazing seamstress who was once offered a job to work for Coco Chanel. She wore the cutest outfits and when you stepped into her cottage, you felt like you were stepping back in a time machine to 1975. My love for finding classic pieces and retro decor stemmed from her and she is the main reason I love to shop vintage. In a city like LA, there are many vintage stores that are sprawled out all over our great metropolis but none in comparison to The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. This market is held every second Sunday of each month and it is what I like to consider the Mecca of vintage shopping. Many people associate The Rose Bowl with the big college football game held annually after New Years Day, but little do they know this landmark is not just any ordinary stadium. It is a fantastic market where you can literally find all things vintage such as furniture, record players, blankets, mirrors, clothes, plants, figurines, bowls, and much much more. It just so happened that this past weekend, I jaunted over to the market to scope out the scene and I came home with an assortment of goods.

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Find the prettiest saris at Oh Janie

It has come to my attention that saris (garments made of silk or cotton that wrap around your body) have made a big comeback these past few years. I have seen them at festivals, concerts, fashion shows, even dinner outings and each one is beautifully crafted and filled with such exquisite detail. I stumbled upon a woman this time around who was selling the most gorgeous saris I had ever seen. She actually restyles these saris in particular from material that is unused and creates her own masterpieces with each one. I purchased the turquoise green one on the right because it was too pretty to pass up. The prices range from $35-$45 each which is a steal considering the amount of work that went into creating it. I love mine because it makes me feel like a gyspy princess and pairs well with practically anything. You can pair a casual outfit with it or spice it up as a cover to a fabulous dress. Either way, its unique and worth every penny. When you make a trip to this flea market, be sure to stop by her booth and say hello to Janie! She is such a lovely woman!

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The Itty Bitty Vintage Shop

One of the greatest vintage shops located inside the Rose Bowl Flea Market is the Itty Bitty Vintage Shop. It has the cutest little items for sale including a cute vintage handheld mirror that I purchased. Not to mention, there is the most adorable trailer that is a great place for photos or just to look inside (trailer is not for sale but they decorated it really nicely). There was an old clock for sale, a record player, and a few other gadgets that go well in your kitchen and living room area. All in all, it reminded me of a mom and pop shop in the 70s and the items are perfect if your looking to decorate your apartment or house.


All in all, it was a lovely experience and a perfect outing on a Sunday afternoon. There is so much to see and do, you could literally spend an entire day walking around just people watching and looking at all the different items for sale. My inner gypsy was thrilled to say the least and I definitely recommend going more than once if you live in LA. There are also food and drink vendors everywhere so you won’t go hungry. If you are interested in checking this out while visiting LA, click HERE for tickets and more information. You can also purchase tickets at the door. Happy Bargain Hunting!