Run Katie Run!


I’m making health and wellness top priorities for 2018. My former self would stick to the regimen for about 2 weeks into the new year and then resort to my old habits of drinking heavily on the weekends and eating everything from chips to pizza and all in between. I think there was a part of me that wasn’t happy with how I was living my life and it was taking a toll on me. I was depressed and those insatiable desires were not fulfilling me and making me happy. One morning I woke up and decided 2018 would be the year to make some REAL changes in my life. I began running late last year and I will admit: I am a running addict. Don’t kid yourself though, there are plenty of days where I would rather reach for the remote and order Postmates than put my tennis shoes on and head to the gym. I love to run and walk uphill as I am a curvier girl and walking uphill seems to do the trick for me. After all, this is the year my goal is simply this: My stomach to get flatter and my ass to get fatter. Ha! The trick is incorporating your workouts to make them fun and exciting because trust me, I know it’s hard and can get mundane after awhile.  What are some workout resolutions you are aiming for? Please share!